10 Must Dos To Thrive and Succeed

The first month of 2017 is almost over and that means you have a clear idea of what the upcoming months would look like. it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. School, work, and life are all starting to get back in the swing of things and it’s easy to find yourself feeling like you’re in too deep. When the stress starts to kick in and you need a breath, it’s important to know that you can do it. You’re strong enough and capable of whatever you put your mind to, it’s just a matter of staying on track. We compiled a list of ten tips to help you stay on the track for success, survive the upcoming trials and thrive even when it starts to feel overwhelming.

  1. Take care of yourself.
    Self-care is vital to survive and thrive. As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” Create a self-care routine that detaches yourself from your work to focus on nurturing yourself. Also make sure that your self care routine is deliberately inserted into your weekly schedule. Without rest you are likely to get burned out faster.
  2. Make sleep your friend
    It’s understandable that sometimes work will take over and that you would lose sleep. However, losing sleep should not be something that you consider often. Try to always get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. By ensuring that you are getting enough rest, you are giving your body the time it needs to recoup and giving you the energy you need to succeed.
  3. Eat and Eat Well.
    Eating well does not mean eating Eat nutritiously in order to give your body what it needs so that it can give you the support that you need. Eat enough to sustain your body – but be careful not to overdo it. Follow your eating habit closely as there will be times that when you are stressed you either do one of these 2 things: over eat or you don’t eat enough.
  4. Drink plenty of water.
    Water gives life. Drinking enough water is not just about staying hydrated for it has a number health benefits, including less headaches and clearer skin. Water helps to oxygenate the body promoting healthier blood flow. As you hydrate your body, you’ll feel better for have doing so and your body will thank you.
  5. Get some exercise.
    Try out a new workout routine, take a fitness class, or maybe even just go on a long walk. Whatever you pick, make sure it gets your body moving and that you do enjoy. The focus is not just to exercise
  6. Get ahead of procrastination
    The number 1 reason you do not thrive: procrastination. Putting off a task to do it later doesn’t eliminate the need to do it. So Why wait? Do it now. Get it out of the way and stop worrying about it. You’ll feel better once it is done. Still having trouble to do it now? Try using this rule formed by David Allen, called the 2 Minute Rule:
    a. If it takes less than 2 minutes, DO IT NOW
    b. When you start a new habit, it should take less than two minutes to do.
    With this rule, you will find that there is no excuse to put the tasks you need to do on the sideline
  7. Do a little extra, even if you don’t “have to”
    Taking the time to put in a little extra time into your work or studying will come back good for you. This does not call you to add hours into it but it’s good to sit down, add in an extra 20 minutes to review the day or look over your study notes for a little bit, even if you don’t necessarily need to. It’ll help you consolidate the information in your memory, making it easier for you to plan and create a vision for the upcoming days
  8. Do something each day that will benefit you tomorrow.
    Admit it, there’s probably something that you need to do that you’re putting off. While you very well could just do it tomorrow, take the initiative and do it today. Remember that the responsibilities you hold off today doesn’t disappear, it’s transferred to tomorrow. By eliminating the the things you need to do today, it’ll make your tomorrow open to accomplish more, and therefore better. Remember the 2 minute rule? If it takes less than 2 minutes to start your task, why wait?
  9. Set aside time for people in your life.
    When you started to notice that the 20 minutes additional time that you put into your work turns into 40 minutes and that turns into 2 hrs. It’s time to set boundaries. It’s easy to get so swept up in your work that you forget to make time for friends and family. They are one of the pillars of your strength. Make time for the amazing people in your life. Relationships and human connection deserve to be prioritized.
  10. Be mindful.
    As you look towards what is ahead, do not forget the now and what is going on around you and within you. Being mindful is to focus your awareness on the present moment, calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Neglecting to be present in the moment will blindside you from knowing what you need to work on to reach your best. Being mindful allows you to plan for the future better

I hope that these ten tips will help you get back on track as you go forward in the New Year. Or to let you know that you are on the right track to thrive and succeed past your expectations As always, we are here for you at the Therapeutic Center for Hope. If you are struggling to succeed, consider reaching out to us for help. We want you to become the best you.