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Areas of Focus


Drawing on over 20 years of experience, Alexia McLeod, LCSW and her team of competent and caring therapists have the skills to help you move past your circumstance and achieve the better future you desire. Solution-focused psychotherapy can be provided in the comfort of your home and specialized for your individual needs to assist you while achieving your desired outcome. We chose this model because of the effective and timely results that are obtained while being treated in the home. Therapeutic Center for Hope believes in treating your present issues at the core level. Only you hold the answers to your own success. You are the expert. Our experienced therapist will serve as the tool that will assist you to access the potential you desire. Your success is up to you. We consider it a privilege to be a part of your decision to improve your life.


My commitment is to work with you in polishing your skills, building your talents, and preparing you as you take the next steps to achieve your ultimate goals.


A woman of passion, vision, and purpose. Alexia McLeod shares her powerful message of empowerment, recognizing and breaking unhealthy patterns and achieving your vision. It is my passion to bring every individual to an understanding of how they can utilize their innate skills to achieve their goals and dreams in life. Millions of people have attained the drive and motivation to achieve their dreams and goals in life and I count myself fortunate to be a part of their decision. I believe not only in making people realize their capabilities and potentials, but also allowing them to explore and utilize the tools to maintain them.