4 Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Relationship

Relationships are bound to change. As time passes, our relationships will face a few roadblocks, turns, bumps, highs, lows, and everything in between. Sometimes, these shifts can cause you to wonder if the relationship is meant for you anymore. Fluctuations in relationships are normal; however, if you notice that these changes have impacted your relationship drastically, it may be time to re-assess.

If you start questioning your relationship, think about these 5 signs to determine whether or not you have outgrown your relationship.

You feel drained when you are with your partner

If you constantly feel depleted after spending time with them, it might be time to rethink their place in your life. Feeling drained is a sign that you might be overextending yourself while not being mutually fulfilled by your partner.

What you should do: Communicate that you feel like your needs are no longer being met in the relationship and discuss things that would make you feel more fulfilled in your relationship.

You have outgrown the behaviors/activities you both used to do

As you grow and learn more about yourself, your interests change. If you met someone during a certain stage of your life and now realize that lifestyle no longer resonates with the person you are today, it can interrupt the harmony. Your partner could feel you’re no longer the person they fell in love with. However, you should at least try to make time to explore new interests together. If you notice that neither of you are willing to explore new things with you, it might be time to evaluate whether you’d like to continue the relationship.

What you should do: Go out and try new activities together. Find new things that brought you the same joy you experienced in the past.

Your goals no longer align

When you start to think of the future, do you see your current partner with you? If not, then that is an alarming sign that you might be outgrowing your relationship. You and your partner should have open communication and be on the same page with your goals. If you find that you and your partner just can’t agree on anything, it could be time to go your separate ways.

What you should do: Sit down when you’re both in the right head space and have an open conversation about the future. Talk about everything both of you would like and discuss ways you could both compromise.

You feel like they’re holding you back

Do you feel that your partner is stopping you from achieving your goals and reaching your potential? Your partner is supposed to be someone who supports you and helps you feel motivated to be your best self. You should never diminish your light to accommodate someone else.

What you should do: Communicate with your partner your concerns and let them know ways that make you feel supported.

So what now?

 Your first step should be to accept how you feel and figure out your plan moving forward. Ask yourself: Is this repairable? Is the other person willing to work on this as much as I am? Do I truly want this? Trust your gut feelings and be transparent with yourself.

If you find yourself answering no to those questions, it might be best to graciously move forward with exploring new beneficial relationships.