A Product with a Purpose

We all have a perception of what a hero should be, whether it be a superhero who saves average citizens from being mugged, or a teacher who deeply impacted our life and we consider “our hero”. The fact is, not all heroes wear capes or have “super-powers”. The “heroes” in our lives come from all walks of life, cultures, genders, backgrounds, and ages. Recently, a new hero has come to make herself known to us here at Therapeutic Center for Hope. An unlikely suspect, Idalis Soto (Instagram: @idalissoto) is a thirteen year old girl who heard a story that would change her life and the lives of those around her. As an active member of Christ Fellowship and the daughter of a local pastor, Idalis is no stranger to charity, humility and good works. It is her age and determination that help this eighth grader to stand out in a day and age where hectic schedules, jobs, family and everyday obstacles can interfere with our ability to focus on anything but ourselves.


It all started with a story about a 10 year old girl who was brave enough to speak out after being sex trafficked right here in South Florida. A girl so close to Idalis’ age, she couldn’t help but be affected by the story. Ms. Soto was so moved by this girl’s story and the good works of Hope For Freedom, she was inspired to contribute, stating she decided to do something she loved knowing it would help someone besides herself. It started off with selling homemade lipgloss to members of her church. Lipgloss makes a great gift, every woman could use a new beauty product, and Idalis’ affinity for organic products allowed her to join this unique market. She quickly earned her first $1000 dollars and donated 100% of it to Hope for Freedom, an organization dedicated to helping the minors who were affected by human trafficking, a modern day form of slavery that exists nearly everywhere, yet is very rarely talked about.


Lipgloss was just the beginning. Idalis quickly moved on to start making her own version of a bath bomb, something she titled Bath Fizzies. Her products are made with all organic ingrediants such as essential oils, shea butter, and Epsom salts. Customers can request products containing eucalyptes, jasmine, rose and much more that provide aromatherapy, anti-inflamatory properties, help build the immune system and much much more. On the flip side, Idalis requests that each of her customers “pay” for their product in the form of a donation, however much they can afford, to help support a cause that now lies very dear in her heart, knowing how many girls just like her are victims of human trafficking each year. “some people bless me with what they can afford and some bless me with more than I could have asked for” Idalis mentioned. Her goal is to earn $1600 in the next six months, an objective that is already fully underway! Through newsletters and word of mouth, Idalis Soto has already begun to make her cause known. With the help of Therapeutic Center for Hope she hopes to make an even bigger difference. Wanting to buy something of hers? contact me at (561)-206-4073 or [email protected] or through Christ Fellowship Royal Palm Beach. So join in her cause by purchasing and using her awesome products, and spread the word! Everything goes toward helping someone in need and let’s her know she is making a difference. Each person has the ability to make a small difference in a big world, but together we can help Idalis’ Bath Fizzies make a big difference in the lives of those affected by human trafficking.