The best kept secrets to your best life are often overlooked


When it comes to living our best lives, there are countless universal guides that focus on goal setting, self-motivation, work-life balance, etc. While they are important part of the journey, these pointers speak of what we can do to move forward after the foundation has been established. The truth is, the pillars to living our best lives are much simpler but very often overlooked.

At Therapeutic Center for Hope, we spend a lot of time looking at the link between people’s habits, lifestyle, stress, and health and what we found is that a lot of people are held back by misconceptions about what living their best lives look like. Often depending on willpower alone to make things happen. As important as willpower is, it is far more beneficial to change the way we work towards the future we desire. Based on our experience working with hundreds of individuals, here are some of the best-kept secrets to creating the future we desire.

Change your habits

Success is built brick by brick and each brick is called habit. If your habits add to the stress, and piling even more burden on you, rewrite them. However, before you make the change, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my habit when I feel good? When I feel down?
  • What is my habit before and after work?
  • What is my habit at home?

If the answers that you give to these questions are quick fixes that do not prepare you or upcoming opportunities such as spending hours on social media, binge-watching, or overspending, replace them with things that add to your learning and skills. Breaking a bad habit is not just about stopping it, it’s also about replacing them with ones that will help you to improve yourself.


More than balance, it’s about priorities

The goal is not to keep the perfect balance between work and personal life as it will always tip over depending on the season we are in. The goal is knowing how to prioritize when it does. Ask yourself this question: as you seek to maintain the perfect balance, are you more often feel exhausted than feel fulfilled? If your answer is yes, then you need to change the focus to learning to change what is taking up your priorities.

When work is taking up the majority of your time, make it a priority to have time for your family and for yourself to rest. To avoid getting yourself burnt out and jeopardizing your relationships with your friends and family. On the flip side, when work is slow and you have more time with your loved ones, make it a priority to learn new skills that will prepare you for any opportunity that may come your way.


More than willpower and long hours

As you work towards achieving the future you desire, willpower and long hours are important in the process but do not forget so is knowing your body’s limits. Powering through long hours without proper rest both physically and mentally will only backfire. To rest is more than taking the 15 minute breaks here and there, rest means taking the steps to make sure that you are able to be at your best the next day. Steps such as staying hydrated, eating well, and keeping your exercise routine. If you do not take care of what you feed your mind and body, your health will deteriorate, your decision-making ability will be compromised, and soon your work will suffer. If you overlook your body’s demands for rest, it will catch up to you.


The bottom line is this, before you begin towards living your best life, ask these questions: what is your definition of living your best life?,what are you willing or unwilling to compromise? and what are you ready to put into action? They will be your guide in knowing how to change your habits, prioritize when balance tips over, and listen to your body’s needs. Also remember that you are not in this journey alone, ask your family and community for help when times are tough, and to keep you in check. Now, as the secrets are out, time to create and live your best life.