Our Children, Our Imitators

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In light of the topic of today's parenting tip, I want to bring your attention to a poem that highlights how children's development is greatly impacted by the reality that they grew up in. If they grow up only knowing one way of living that will be the only life they know. There is truth to the message carried in the poem: Children are always observing and learning from our actions even from the smallest gestures as we are their first teachers and the trusted guide to help them understand this strange world. Thus know and understand the reality that your children are living in So read this poem, let it marinade, and share it. Children Learn What They Live By Dorothy Law Nolte, Ph.D If children live with criticism,…
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Know Your Why

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Motivation is a vital aspect of our lives. It is the fuel that enable us to endure long hours at work and/or rejection after rejection. However, it is important to remember that motivation is not infinite. There will be a time when you no longer feel motivated. The trick is knowing how to regain that motivation when it seems like the road ahead is longer than expected. There are 5 things that you can do when you are feeling that motivation is fading. What Motivates You It might sound like asking a rhetorical question, but ask this question at different points of your journey and you will find out the source of your motivation at different points. What motivates you at the start of your journey might differ from the…
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