Dating as a Single Parent

When dating it can already be difficult to find a person who you find interesting and willing to put your effort into. However, when you are dating as a single parent not only are you concerned about your interests but it can also be a bit more challenging because you are thinking of your child, too.

There’s also the challenge of letting the people you date know you have a child. So many questions start to pop into your mind. It can become a huge headache for you that you rather not try, but rest assured that you are not the first single parent to date and will not be the last to do so.

When setting out to the dating scene it’s important to let your dating partner know immediately that you have a child. Of course, you are going to feel afraid because you know that there will be a possibility that they will be uncomfortable about the idea of a child.

However, remember that there is also a possibility that they may not care or they may even be willing to try to make things work when you tell them that you have a child. Not everybody is going to jump on the opportunity to be a parent, but if you are lucky enough to find someone who is okay with you having children then that is already a brownie point for them.

If they are willing to make it work, it’s a sign that they are mature enough (no matter their age,) that they may actually be interested in the relationship, they want to find someone to share their life with and they do not mind starting a new life with you and your kids.

However, with that, it is also important to remember that some people will say things that aren’t true or that they don’t mean to get what they want. So, it also depends on the situation. It’s important to follow your intuition, especially if it is telling you that something is not quite right.

Try to notice any red flags. If you do notice any confront your dating partner by asking them. You do not want to be left with all these great fantasies of the relationship working out perfectly only to come to the harsh reality that your partner was not being serious, to begin with. It will only hurt you and if your child is already
involved and knows of your dating partner it could hurt them as well

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 4.28.51 PMIt is better to find out sooner that the relationship will not work rather than later when you have already invested much more of your time and effort into the relationship that ended up not working out.

Dating can be discouraging no matter if you are single with no kids or single with kids. It is hard out there for both men and women and it can be 10 times harder with having children. Just remember to know what you want, or try to figure it out if you are not sure.

If you do know what you want and your date doesn’t fit that mold, don’t try to change them- It won’t work. If they are not willing to change on their own then let them go and move on. It will be best for the both of you.

Remember dating can be a time when you rediscover what you do and don’t like. It is also a time when you can just have fun and let loose a bit to mingle with people other than your kids. If your hopes are to find someone to settle down with take your time, ease into the relationship, and enjoy the moments you share with them. There is no need to immediately dive into all your darkest secrets on the first date.

Having a healthy relationship between you and your newfound partner will in the end not only make you happy but also your child and those around you. Your new relationship will outshine and reflect the positivity of your newfound happiness.