Develop Your Confidence in 2022

Every year we make New Year’s Resolutions and every year by the end of January we fail to keep up with them. For your New Year’s Resolutions to work you need to develop healthy habits, positive thoughts and improve your self-confidence.

Here are some self-reflective tips that can give your self-confidence a boost and help you understand how you can succeed with your new year resolutions:

👉Focus your thoughts on being positive – an important aspect of starting the new year and finding success with your goals.

👉Make a plan and take small steps to work through each task or activity. If you try to tackle your goal as one big project you are more likely to feel stressed and relapse into old habits.


👉Don’t associate yourself with negative people on social media or elsewhere. Also, list the negative beliefs you have and refute them, and set some realistic beliefs about yourself.


👉Avoid thinking like a perfectionist. We can always do better but a healthier way of thinking is doing our best or just good enough. Focus on the positive.


👉Don’t wait for things to happen or come to you. Learn something new each day and challenge yourself.


An important thing to remember as you practice building self-confidence is to be patient with yourself, self-confidence and esteem is a step-by-step process and practice.