Domestic Violence Survivor Resource List


Miami-Dade Advocates for Victims
Hotline numbers: (305) 758-2546 or
(305)247-4249 (Homestead)
Hotline TTY numbers: (305) 758-2546 or
(305)247-7674 (Homestead)
P.O. Box 380817
Miami, FL 33238-0817
Administration: (305)758-2804, ext. 224
FAX: (305)756-1347


The Lodge
Hotline number: (305) 693-0232
P.O. Box 470728
Miami, FL 33147
Administration: (305) 693-1170
FAX: (305) 693-2831

Shalom Bayit (For Jewish Victims of Domestic Abuse)
SHalom Bayit offers full spectrum of compassionate and confidential services to survivors
and their children who are victims of domestic abuse. In order to help them make the transition
to a new life free of fear and intimidation, JCS Shalom Bayit offers short-term stays in a safe
house, financial assistance, counseling, child care, job training and placement. Pro bono legal
and medical services are offered as available.
Shalom Bayit Hotline (305) 576-1818


Women in Distress of Broward County
Hotline number: (954)761-1133
PO Box 676
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33302
Administration: (954)760-9800
FAX: (954)687-0733


Domestic Abuse Shelter
Hotline numbers: (305)294-0824 (low keys),
(305)743-4440 (mid keys),
(305)451-5666, (305)292-6647, (305)743-4440
PO Box 2696
Marathon Shores, FL 33052
Administration: (305)743-5452
FAX: (305)289-1589

Palm Beach

Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc.
Hotline numbers: 1-800-355-8547
PO Box 6161
Delray Beach, FL 33482
Administration: (561)265-3797
FAX: (561)265-2102