Exercising Isn’t The Only Way to Stay Fit

At some point and time, we’ve all tried to live a healthy lifestyle. The way it usually starts is by cutting out all the bad from your diet all at once— going in for the dive! Not second guessing that maybe we should gradually cut things out from our diet instead of going cold turkey and heading straight for intense workouts. We don’t pace ourselves to our personal preferences and comfortability when we consider our take on trying to be healthy.

We get so pumped when we read what the workouts consist of and how we’ll look afterward. But when a few weeks pass we begin to stop and lose hope when we don’t see those tight abs we so badly want or that nice firm butt most celebrities seem to have. Sometimes we stop immediately, sometimes we go along with it for maybe a day or two afterward, but you’re definitely not as excited as you were when you began.

So how can you manage to be healthy and workout without actually having to exercise and break into an intense sweat? Now clearly, if you’re really wanting to lose inches and pounds you’re going to have to workout and follow a meal plan to help get you there faster. Sadly, there’s no way around that, unless you have money for a few surgeries- more power to you! If losing inches and pounds aren’t your main concern, then an active lifestyle is the way to go.

Many people say that they live an active lifestyle to stay fit— sometimes I think they’re lying because they look too good; like full on abs, great arms and all— but most are being honest. An active lifestyle has more to do with, if you couldn’t have guessed it, being active. The best part of staying active is that you don’t have to worry about trying to fit an extreme workout in. All you have to do is make your everyday tasks workout friendly.

Fit in activities that you don’t find boring, exhausting, or whatever you don’t like about exercising and challenge yourself when taking on these activities. If you like walking, go on a hike, bring a friend or go by yourself. Both are great! If you bring a friend, catch up on things and if you go by yourself it gives you time to think and appreciate the scenery around you.

It’s not healthy to do something you don’t like in general because you end up hating and dreading the task. And if you’re not happy, why do it? Of course, sometimes things do take the time to get used to so try it out for a while, but don’t make yourself suffer by exercising and not feeling satisfied with what you’re doing. You’re only setting yourself up for failure. It’s best to try and pace things out to your own comfortability.

Figure out what activities you really like doing and have fun with it. Although it seems as though perfection is the same across all boards, it’s not and it’s best to realize that now. As long as you’re comfortable in your own skin, that’s all that matters. There’s no need to follow workouts or diets you don’t really enjoy to just look “perfect.” For all you know you might be healthier than most people physically, mentally, and emotionally, just by being happy with yourself, staying active and enjoying things that most people may take for granted.