Navigating The End of Year Rush

Between work, school, kids, or whatever else takes up your time – you’re busy. Managing a crazy schedule can be overwhelming. You’ve probably had to remind yourself a few times that you can’t be in two places at once, and that’s okay. Along with a packed schedule and rushed deadlines comes stress, agitation, and all around just not feeling quite like yourself. While it usually seems that being busy and being stressed go hand in hand, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find ways to manage your busy schedule in a way that works for you – and we have some tips on how to do that, all while caring for yourself.

Keep a planner. Remembering a thing or two doesn’t sound like it is too bad, but when you are juggling many different events or plans, your memory can easily get overwhelmed. Keeping a planner where you can jot down notes to remind yourself about what all you need to do and where all you need to go can help reduce the stress of thinking “I know I have to do something, but what is it?!?”. As you list all the things that you need to do in your planner, group them into different sections. This way you are able to divide your time well and create boundaries to help keep you sane. Design it so that your work time does not spill into your personal time and your personal time and your personal time does not take away your time with family and loved ones

Don’t be afraid to delegate. Sometimes we feel as if we have to do everything on our own. This does not always need to be the case! There is nothing wrong with asking for help or for someone else to take on a certain task. While there are many things we simply cannot delegate onto others and need to do ourselves, there are also many things that could be done just as well – if not better – by someone else who maybe has more time or a better opportunity to perform the task themselves. Delegating is not only a strategy to save you time and energy, it also builds relationships. Delegating is more than just giving a task to another person. In essence, it is trusting someone with an important task and believing in that person’s ability to carry out that tasks well. So as things are becoming overwhelming, remind yourself that delegating is not losing control, its inviting others to be part of the control sphere

Make time for yourself, tooDon’t get so overwhelmed by the things that you need to do that you forget to take time for yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup, so make sure that you are filing your own first. Make time in your week to do something that you enjoy doing just for you. As mentioned, design your time so that you insert alone time in your daily schedule. It does not have to take up half of your day. Sometimes 15 minutes here and there is enough to re-energize yourself and refocus your mind energy. Taking time out for yourself is not procrastinating or being selfish it’s making sure that you are not going to burn yourself and others around you

Take care of your bodyIt doesn’t matter how sharp your mind is, if you aren’t taking time to care for your body the mind will be at risk too. Eat enough each day to sustain the energy you need to carry out your tasks. Work out, it’ll help you feel better both physically and mentally. Ever hear the term “hangry”? It’s hunger induced anger (more like irritation) and when you are hungry, you become irritable a lot easier. Food doesn’t just feed your hunger and energy, it helps you with your mood and concentration. And while it may seem like you hear this all the time, make sure you are drinking enough water. They say water is life, and that is true because water helps to oxygenate your body. Ever felt sudden lightheadedness? Try drinking water. And lastly exercise. You do not have to spend an hour at the gym each day but it is important move your body for 15 minutes a day to help the blood flowing smoothly. Try doing stretching exercises for 10-15 minutes a day while focusing on your breathing for the next week and feel a big difference in how you face the day

Stay positive.When you’re busy, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress around you. Keep in mind that the way that you perceive the world truly is up to you. Letting the circumstance to dictate your emotions and thought, you will end up chasing the things that do not breathe life into you. When the stress is piling up, choose joyFind time each day to recognize the things that you are grateful about and realize that this too shall pass. Try not to take everything to heart and keep an open mind. Let the stress around you know that you are unbreakable

Whatever you have going on in your life, know that we believe in you. All of these tips can help make you breathe easier, but if you still are struggling, feel free to reach out to us for help by setting up a session to talk about ways that you can manage your schedule and your stress. We want to see you succeed!