Signs of Codependency

Codependency can be a serious issue, especially when the person is depending on the other person too much. Not giving the other person enough space to breathe or do their own things on their own time can have a negative impact on a relationship.

It’s normal to want to be with someone all the time, but you should also understand that everyone has their own life to tend to. You shouldn’t actually have to be with that person all the time to feel happy or complete.

Codependency can often be found in people who come from a dysfunctional family. Research shows that people who have parents who emotionally abused or neglected them in their teens or as a young child were more likely to be co-dependent. However, anyone can become codependent.

There are various signs that you may be struggling with codependency. The most common signs are if you always feel worried about feeling abandoned or alone, sticking with someone who mistreats you and does not respect you, and feeling like you cannot live with others.

The impact co-dependency has is that you begin to neglect your own needs and identity for your partner. In doing this you can begin to neglect the other aspects of your relationship, preventing the two of you to grow within the relationship.

If you are in a codependent relationship and would like your relationship to overcome the co-dependency, know that it is possible. Breaking up does not have to be the solution, especially if you are both willing to work on overcoming codependency.

In a codependent relationship, it is important to set up boundaries and find happiness without having to sacrifice your own desires/needs and finding that happiness within yourself.

Communicating with your partner is essential to repairing your relationship.  Set up goals for your relationship and meet those goals. Seeing a trained therapist can also help mend your relationship. It also may be a better option if the both of you are having a hard time beginning the process of restoring your relationship.

If you are not in a relationship but know that you struggle with codependency know that you too can overcome it. However, it is also important to know that if you have been struggling with codependency for a while it is best to go to a trained therapist.

Talking to a therapist will help you find out why you may be struggling with codependency and how you can better yourself. There they will be able to give you more guidance and help fully restore yourself. Most importantly though, know that co-dependency is very common and you should not feel discouraged to ask for help or guidance.