Solving Your Relationship Issues

No relationship is perfect! Everyone hits a rough patch here and then. The important thing though is to not let it have a negative impact on your relationship. Especially if you know this person is someone incredibly special. Relationships take a lot of communication and trust. It’s important that when a disagreement arises you talk it out with your partner first.

One of the most common situations that happen in relationships is that when a conflict arises, most people don’t discuss it with their partners first. Instead, they go to their friends and try to figure it out instead of just being completely honest with their partner.

Sure, you may be going to your friends because you trust them 100 percent and they may be able to provide great insight. But it really doesn’t fix the situation between you and your partner.

Telling your friends can also cause your partner to become even more upset because they may feel as if you can’t trust them. Or they may not like the idea of their business being aired out, even if it’s with friends you trust.

If you think about, telling your friends about serious issues in your relationship doesn’t really solve anything. However, if you address the issues to your partner then you both can discuss it and try to fix it out without people trying to butt in or put their two cents.

It’s also not to say though that you have to keep your relationship a secret from your friends. It’s just that there are some things that are alright to share, but then there are also limits on how much you should share.

The main things that you should keep between you and your partner are issues regarding anything that you’d be embarrassed if his friends or others knew about you. Or if you know that sharing any specific information may make him feel uncomfortable, then you should avoid doing it altogether.

However, one of the main things you should not share with your friends, or if you choose to do so then you should keep the specific details to yourself – is anything regarding your sex life with your partner.

It might be fun and funny to share all the quirky things that happen, but that’s a moment where the both of you trust each other. Sharing those moments with great detail can backfire. Especially if your friends tend to slip.

If you feel as if something’s wrong in your relationship, then talking with your partner about it would be best. If you’re having trouble bringing up the conversation, then going to a therapist could help.

Sharing your personal details with a trained therapist is completely different than sharing it with a friend. The therapist will be completely transparent and will have solutions that will give the results you may be looking for.

Although sharing with your friends can be fun sometimes, remember that if you’re sharing too much won’t be helpful. Your friends will always be on your side. If you feel like your relationship needs help or if you need advice that will help fix your relationship, the best place to get help is from a trained therapist, not your best friends.