Relationship Therapy

In the words of Dave Kerpen “The difference between success and failure is a great team.”No matter how smart, talented driven or passionate you are, you could not reach your best alone, as one can only reach a certain level on his/her own. It is GREAT to be a part of something and those who succeed did so because of the teammates who work alongside them. They were able to attract individuals who complement each other, creating an efficient and effective team. Being on a successful team depends on who is coaching you up.

Whether it is business or personal life, having the right people in your corner brings only growth. It is often said that the people in your circle show who you are which is not always accurate because your circle shows who you want to be. The individuals you spend your most of your time with will shape you in your personal and professional lives.

“Show me your friendships and I will show you your life” Friends shape your decisions. Your decisions shape your destiny. To find success in your personal and business life there are key elements to follow:

  1. The right team affirms you. They provide you with constructive criticism to let you know that you are making progress
  2. The right team takes you higher than you could ever go by yourself. They help you grow in ways that you cannot think of if you are on your own
  3. The right team holds you accountable. They keep you in check to make sure that you are doing your work and checks in to see how you are doing
  4. The right team understands your organizations mission, objectives, and goals and works with you to achieve them.
  5. The right team fits into the organizations principals, vision and values

Success cannot be achieved without the help of those around you and it is important to be surrounded by individuals who will support you through thick or thin. Win or lose, it’s about who is there with you for those moments. So I ask you again. . .”Who Is On Your Team?”